Information Technology & Security Solutions

We are committed to delivering real business value by simplifying the design, procurement, and protection of the technology solutions customers need. Our long-standing relationships and years of progressive combined experience allow us to effectively manage a demanding technology infrastructure for our clients.

Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

When companies require computer security, information security and social media security training for employees, they call Hammer IT Consulting.

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Data Recovery & Destruction

Hardware failure is one of the main causes for data loss. Throw in malicious software infections, data corruption issues, accidental deletions, and theft; data loss is more a matter of when as opposed to if.

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Information Security Risk Assessment

Our risk assessment approach and methodology are aligned with industry recognized standards and frameworks. Depending on the organization needs, a suitable approach may be adopted for use.

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IT Procurement

To help ensure you have the IT equipment you need when you need it, Hammer IT Consulting can proactively procure and provision a wide variety of IT hardware.

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IT Security Policy Development

Without a strong Information Technology Security Policy, a company is subject to compromised productivity, reputation damage, data loss and inappropriate (perhaps illegal) behavior by employees.

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Managed Security Services

Our Monitoring and Alerting services are designed to serve as a remote extension of your technology team. Our solutions are proven, cost effective, and our veteran security specialists provide the essential expertise and infrastructure your organization needs.

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Social Engineering Testing

Employees only need a marginal grasp on the inner workings of the technology they use every day in order to get their jobs done. Therefore, it may be a challenge to help them understand the security “rules” they need to follow

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Regulatory Compliance Services

For businesses, social media is a powerful way to connect; it can deliver significant business value when connecting with clients, partners and colleagues

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Reputation Management

Our research shows that 75% of online users are more likely to click on a negative review than a positive one.

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Penetration Testing

To help an organization determine potential security flaws, IT professionals use penetration testing in an effort to identify security flaws before an attacker can exploit them.

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Phishing Assessments

Roughly 95% of successful cyber-attacks begin with a phishing e-mail, which aims at acquiring sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords and credit card information.

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Secure Your Information, Protect Your Business

We protect your valuable data with the latest advancements in technology while taking the guesswork out of establishing a well-rounded, extremely safe IT infrastructure.


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