About our Information Technology and Cybersecurity Company

Hammer IT Consulting is a leading provider of IT and Security solutions serving a wide range of industries. We have years of experience serving Local, State, and Federal Government offices. As well as, Higher Education, K-12, Healthcare, and Corporate Entities small to large throughout the United States.

Hammer IT Consulting keeps the most valuable asset of your organization secure – your data. Our team of IT Security experts help protect your organization with the help of our next generation software and service solutions. We have expertise in comprehensive IT Security services including Managed Security Services, Cybersecurity Risk Assessments, Cybersecurity Awareness Training, Information Technology Security Policy Development, Penetration Testing, IT Staffing & Leadership Services, and other services that help protect your organization.

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These aren’t the standard data protection services IT security is known for – but what makes them so remarkable is that they go above and beyond those standard services. They do help companies protect data, and yet they do so much more: protect reputations, improve productivity and set forth effective policies that companies can successfully leverage for years to come.

At Hammer IT Consulting, we are committed to delivering real business value by simplifying the design, procurement, and protection of the technology solutions customers need. Our long-standing relationships with a broad range of clients clearly demonstrate our value. We help organizations effectively manage an increasingly demanding technology infrastructure environment. The U.S. based team at Hammer IT Consulting is trusted, experienced, and certified to meet all of your Information Technology and Security needs.

Meet the Founder

Our group is led by Dr. Bennet Hammer who is a Ph.D. graduate of Nova Southeastern University with extensive experience in the data security field. Dr. Hammer earned a doctorate degree in Information Systems with a concentration in Information Security, and also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with previously earned degrees in Management and Computer Information Systems.

In 2014, Dr. Hammer launched Hammer IT Consulting, an information technology (IT) consulting firm that provides services designed to reduce data breaches and improve overall corporate security. Based out of Southwest Florida, the firm will deliver a variety of unique IT consulting services to companies throughout the United States.

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He is a detail-oriented data security executive with a talent for delivering custom data security solutions that substantially reduce cyber and social media risk. Dr. Hammer has worked across all business functions to protect corporate assets, reduce data breaches, and ensure information security across entire development life cycles. He provides data access policies that improve information security and maximize enterprise performance.

Dr. Hammer is a certified Social Media Security Professional (SMSP), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), and Certified by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He has conducted, documented and published research on a variety of topics relevant to the information security domain and presented the publications at various conferences throughout the United States and Europe.

Our Capabilities

As information security risks evolve and attacks become more sophisticated, Hammer IT Consulting can help you:

  • Reduce cyber risk and confidently adopt new digital technologies that support your strategic goals
  • Proactively secure and protect the organization against Advanced Cybersecurity Threats
  • Strengthen the overall cybersecurity posture
  • Achieve Cybersecurity Resilience

Our industry-leading vendor partnerships and extensive array of IT security services allow us to offer complete security solutions utilizing proven technologies, products, and services in all major areas of cybersecurity.

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Let us help you make the transition today!

Our goal is to protect your valuable data with the latest advancements in technology while taking the guesswork out of establishing a well-rounded, extremely safe IT infrastructure.