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In the days before the internet, productivity was a slow process requiring manual input and long-form mathematics. The internet has changed all that and is getting better all the time. So what are the top 10 productivity boosters for 2018? 1. The toughest USB device Aegis Secure Key 3Z is featured as ... Read More
March 13, 2018Bennet Hammer


7 reasons why schools still need desktop computers Many schools are issuing tablets and laptops to their students, but are they always the best solution? In many cases, desktop computers are a better bet.  Computers have become an important aspect of the classroom experience as schools increasingly issue laptops and tablets to ... Read More
February 2, 2018Bennet Hammer


As the head of IT for a school, it can be frustrating trying to sell cybersecurity to an unrelenting school board that doesn’t see the cost as a priority. This is why it’s vital to demonstrate the benefits of a proactive response to security threats, rather than waiting for an ... Read More
January 8, 2018Bennet Hammer


Phishing attacks have been around since the 1990s, but they’re still causing trouble for SMEs across the globe. All it takes is one misplaced click from an unwary employee to give attackers the keys to your most sensitive data, or cause mass service outages. It's crucial to understand how phishing scams ... Read More
December 12, 2017Bennet Hammer


Why teachers around the world are embracing digital whiteboards A digital whiteboard combines the features of an ordinary whiteboard, a projector and a touchscreen computer. The result: a powerful and interactive learning tool that encourages innovation and collaboration. Digital whiteboards foster active learning environments and student participation by allowing teachers to manipulate the ... Read More
December 5, 2017Bennet Hammer


With students accessing their school networks via desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet and now even wearables and internet of things (IoT) devices – such as smart speakers, TVs and smartboards – an up-to-date endpoint security system is vital. The internet is helping to fuel an educational revolution the likes of which we've ... Read More
November 10, 2017Bennet Hammer


Virtual reality (VR) is fast becoming an actual reality. According to Goldman Sachs, the market for VR and its offshoot, augmented reality, could reach up to $182 billion by 2025. Video games – long said to be a natural home for VR – will only make up a small portion of ... Read More
October 22, 2017Bennet Hammer


In an increasingly digital world, technology is becoming ingrained in the classroom and transforming how teachers structure their classes. The younger generation is already being described as digital natives, and with good reason. In 2016, broadband network equipment company Sandvine reported that the average U.S. household contains an average of seven internet-connected ... Read More
October 15, 2017Bennet Hammer


What does the office of the future look like? This is a question many enterprises are asking themselves as they attempt to reshape and reinvent their workplaces for a technology-oriented future. With most of today’s offices designed for a vanishing era, where workstations, cubicles and corner offices dominated, the move has ... Read More
September 20, 2017Bennet Hammer


As the internet of things (IoT) revolution gathers pace, and more devices in our homes and workplaces become connected, what can we expect from the market in 2018? One certainty is that the potential is there for small and medium businesses (SMBs) to benefit as the sector evolves, grows and matures. ... Read More
August 9, 2017Bennet Hammer