Benefits of Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Reduced Chance of Data Breach

Data is one of the most critical assets of any organization. Cyber criminals scour the Internet in search of targets and vulnerabilities. Studies have shown that reducing vulnerabilities caused by human behavior significantly reduces the chances of a damaging breach.

Our cybersecurity awareness program will help employees learn the many and varied ways in which criminals will deliberately try to trick them into exposing an organization’s sensitive information, for example, through phishing emails. They become aware that everyone in the organization needs to understand the risks and defensive strategies to help prevent data breaches.

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Extra Layer of Defense

Some security incidents cannot be prevented or detected by technology. An example is social engineering, which is the art of manipulating people that does not require the use of technology and may be applied over a telephone call to steal information (e.g. confidential data, passwords) or even on site by gaining physical access to restricted areas. Unfortunately, there are little to zero technical controls that can be used to avoid this sort of attack, so the only feasible option is to have your users aware of the threats and how to deal with them.

Incident Response Experience

Cybersecurity awareness training helps develop essential competencies and new techniques that are essential to protect against evolving security issues. An investment in cybersecurity awareness training helps protect organizational resources against new and emerging threats and also provides some level of maturity for incident response should a data breach occur. By adopting a cybersecurity awareness training program, a company greatly increases its security-related risk posture.

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Employees Become Cyber Aware

When an enterprise’s employees are cyber security aware it means they understand what cyber threats are, the potential impact a cyber-attack would have on the organization, and the steps required to reduce risk and prevent cybercrime from infiltrating their online workspace.

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Our cybersecurity awareness training will immediately increase your employees’ awareness levels and give them the practical skills needed to better protect your organization from the dangers of data breaches, network attacks and ransomware threats. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of implementing our cybersecurity awareness training program for your organization.