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Digital Marketing Services

Brand Creation & Development

Whether you’re a new business that needs a logo created, or an existing business looking to expand awareness and brand recognition, it’s important to craft a unique set of assets and a brand story that truly expresses your brand identity. Clients rely on us to provide high-quality brand assets, including logos, brand positioning content, brand style guides and of course, the powerful, effective websites they need to accomplish their business goals.

Media Buying

Never has the media mix portion of your advertising strategy been more important or complex. Knowing the right media channels, stations, publications, and schedules to reach your audience takes a great deal of ongoing research and testing. We stay on top of audience trends and ensure your brand exposure matches your goals, whether that’s by way of a glossy magazine article, paid search, digital audio advertising, or yes, even a TikTok ad if that’s where your audience is.

Graphic Design

A consistent brand voice across all media channels is essential to increased awareness and can drive more sales. From logo creation and style guides to websites and multi-channel advertising campaigns, let us create a consistent brand experience for your audience!

Video Marketing

There’s nothing more powerful than video when it comes to brand awareness. In fact, brand association among consumers increases approximately 139% after watching a video. In today’s marketplace, you need the critical video assets to tell your brand story and open powerful opportunities to connect with your audience. Let us help you craft video experiences that will resonate.

Digital Marketing

The average US consumer spends approximately 7 hours online every day. To influence your brand recognition, you must have a strong online brand presence as well. From websites to social media, rely on us to help you develop the online brand strategy you need to grow and thrive.

Google Search Advertising

Also referred to as pay-per-click ads or search PPC, Google search advertising and search ads on Bing can help your business quickly appeal to people searching for your products and services through paid placements on search results pages. Due to the detailed nature of this type of advertising, many organizations rely on search advertising agencies like us to manage SEM on a regular basis.

Web Design & Development

Web design and development incorporates a wide array of marketing functions for both established businesses and new businesses alike. From building a brand-new website design to creating specific web development initiatives to technical SEO needs, each project is unique with its own set of lead generation and sales goals.

Display & Video Advertising

When creating product or brand awareness is the top goal, many advertisers turn to display advertising. This advertising initiative also often includes a subset of video advertising. Also known as banner advertising, display and video ad campaigns give you a cost-effective way to scale awareness in large volumes and get into the consideration set for your target audience. Depending on your perspective, you may also think of paid social as a part of your display advertising channel.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is crucial in digital marketing because it makes your website more visible. SEO works by tapping into the types of keywords that people use when researching your product or service and providing helpful or entertaining content around those searches. SEO is a valuable tool for building relationships with your audience, increasing brand awareness, and showing your business as a trustworthy expert in your industry.

Social Media Marketing

Knowing your audience is the key to smart social media management. This includes determining which social channels are critical to reaching your target audience online. Depending on who you’re targeting, Instagram and Facebook are not always the answer. In some cases, Linked In drives better results, and in others, TikTok is a better choice. We design paid and organic social media programs that are specific to each unique audience.

Interactive Ad Platforms

In the world of digital and interactive ads, there is no shortage of new, emerging ad platforms that offer unique opportunities for advertisers looking to gain an advantage. Depending on your audience, you may find these types of ads to be very effective:

OTT and CTV – Over the Top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV) permit highly targeted advertising while your audience is viewing TV programming on any device or watching streaming content on their TV.

Podcast & Digital Audio Advertising – When your audience indexes heavily on digital audio products and programming, we can help you reach them effectively.

Geofencing Ads – This subset of display advertising offers unique targeting capabilities and can help drive foot traffic.


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