Information Technology (IT) Buyer’s Guide

Do you think you might need to switch IT providers? Have your technology needs changed and they’re no longer a good fit for your business? Before giving any IT provider or consultant access to your network and data, ask them these 10 questions:

1. What is your experience and expertise in network security?

Assess their knowledge and track record in handling network security threats and mitigating breaches.

2. What certifications or accreditations do you have?

Look for Network & Cybersecurity Certifications such as CISSP or CompTIA

3. Can you provide references from SOME CURRENT clients?

Speak to clients who already work with the IT provider to get feedback on their Delivery & Performance.

4. What security measures do you put in place for your clients?

Ask about their security measures, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, data encryption, and regular security audits.

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10 Questions to Ask Your IT Service Provider

5. How do you handle employee background checks?

Ensure they conduct thorough background checks on their employees with access to your network to guarantee trustworthiness.

6. What is your response time for HELPING US WITH issues?

Ask about their Response Times in addressing issues and what level of support they provide during business hours and after hours.

7. What is your approach to data backup and storage?

Discuss their data backup and storage practices to ensure your critical information is safely stored and can be recovered if needed.

8. WILL YOU BUILD a disaster recovery & BUSINESS CONINUITY plan for US?

Ask about their procedures for handling data loss or system downtime, and how quickly they can restore your network in the event of a disaster.

9. Do you conduct regular Technology Business Reviews (TBRs)?

Ask how often they sit down with you to discuss how to help you manage risk and align your business goals with Technology.

10. What is YOUR policy on data privacy and confidentiality?

Discuss their approach to data privacy and confidentiality to ensure they comply with regulations and protect your sensitive information.

Asking these questions will help you to assess the it provider’s capabilities, professionalism and commitment to safeguarding your business before you give them access to your sensitive & important data and network.

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