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Complete Cybersecurity & Compliance Solutions

As digitalization continues to transform businesses, it also exposes them to cybersecurity threats. To safeguard your business against data breaches and cyberattacks, you need a robust cybersecurity and compliance product solution like HammerSecure.

HammerSecure offers a wide range of services that help organizations of all sizes protect their digital assets, maintain compliance with regulations, and mitigate risks.

Our product solution includes the following features:

Cybersecurity Policies

HammerSecure provides cybersecurity policies that are designed to keep your organization safe and secure from the most advanced cyber threats. Our policies are customized to fit your specific organizational needs, ensuring that you are always compliant with regulatory requirements.

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Threat Management

HammerSecure has an advanced threat detection system that monitors your network 24/7/365, identifies potential threats, and takes action to stop them before they can cause damage.

Endpoint Protection

We provide you with advanced protection for all endpoints in your network, including laptops, desktops, servers, and mobile devices for threats that antivirus software can’t detect.

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Network Protection

Monitors communications within the network to detect, investigate and respond to threats that might otherwise remain hidden in unmanaged devices across on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments.

E-mail Security

Safeguard your organization's email accounts from spam, malware, phishing, advanced threats, and other email-borne cyber-attacks with HammerSecure’s reliable and comprehensive 24x7 managed email security services.

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Website Security

HammerSecure keeps your corporate website and APIs secure and productive. Safeguard your corporate websites and APIs from abuse, stops bad bots, thwarts DDoS attacks, and monitors for suspicious payloads and browser supply chain attacks.

Cybersecurity Training

HammerSecure offers security awareness training to educate your employees on cybersecurity best practices. This helps to reduce the risk of human error, which is one of the biggest causes of cybersecurity incidents.

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Phishing Assessments

Our phishing assessments raise awareness amongst your team as well as recognize your perimeter security controls to help strengthen your organization’s internal network against remote threat actors. Measure user interaction and gain a customized plan to further your cyber security with HammerSecure’s phishing testing service.

Dark Web Monitoring

HammerSecure is dedicated to keeping your corporate domains and employee data safe by continuously monitoring them against a database of breached data lakes on the dark web. In the event of a breach, our team immediately alerts you through a triaged escalation process, led by a human analyst that take corrective actions.

Our mission is to make the web a safer place by disrupting darknet underground activities. Through proactively protecting our customers against stolen corporate credentials or compromised machines, we strive to prevent bad actors from profiting off of stolen corporate data.

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Strategic Technology & Cybersecurity Guidance

HammerSecure provides expert advice and guidance to organizations to help them ensure the security and reliability of their technology infrastructure and protect against cyber threats.


Monthly easy-to-understand report that provides an organizational overview of the cybersecurity and compliance status.


Complete Cybersecurity & Compliance Solutions

With HammerSecure, you can rest assured that your organization is protected against cyber threats and compliant with regulations. Our comprehensive cybersecurity and compliance product solution is designed to meet your specific needs, regardless of your industry or business size.

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