Optimize Your IT ROI And Develop A Seamless IT Environment

To help ensure you have the IT equipment you need when you need it, Hammer IT Consulting can proactively procure and provision a wide variety of IT hardware. By partnering with us for IT procurement and deployment, you will also enjoy a centralized point of contact, a streamlined purchasing process, and significant cost savings.

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IT Procurement and Consolidated Purchasing

Consolidating your IT purchasing and leveraging multiple suppliers through a single point of contact takes the hassle out of the purchasing process. Hammer IT Consulting will manage your procurement needs from start to finish by assigning a dedicated team that will oversee the entire quoting, purchasing, delivery, and deployment process.

Hardware Procurement

We can function as an extension of your purchasing department, sourcing the purchase of IT equipment directly from manufacturers and distributors. Our price spot checks ensure that you get the best value. Hammer IT Consulting can also facilitate the return of products and manage the repair of products.

Our hardware procurement process offers you the value-added benefit of automatically tracking software licensing, order tracking, and order history, as well as adding hardware and software components to your existing service agreements.

Hardware Procurement
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What Does IT Procurement Do For Your Business?

  • Lower costs and eliminate overspending with optimal system design and integration
  • Rapid implementation and deployment utilizing due to expert planning
  • Enhanced reliability and serviceability through the choice of dependable equipment
  • Strong relationships with leading IT OEMs, assuring optimal pricing and support
  • Professional-grade expertise in purchasing processes, contracts, and vehicles
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Eliminate The Guesswork In Your IT Continuity

Hammer IT Consulting can provide guidance regarding the most crucial aspects to look for when evaluating potential IT sellers, as well as assist you with navigating the extensive IT procurement process. Contact us today to discover more about our IT procurement services.