Penetration Testing

A penetration test, also known as a pen test, is an authorized simulated attack performed on a computer system to evaluate its security. Hammer IT Consulting utilizes penetration testing to discover an organization’s risk should a person attempt to hack their system. Utilizing the same tools, techniques, and processes as attackers to find and demonstrate the business impacts of weaknesses in your systems. Having unidentified vulnerabilities allows attackers to exploit a compromised system and access sensitive information that can be used in a malicious manner. Our penetration testing services enhance your security posture, reduce risk, facilitate compliance and improve operational efficiency.

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Our Process

Our team performs penetration testing using the methods detailed in NIST SP 800-115 and OWASP. Hammer IT Consulting uses automated and comprehensive manual testing throughout the penetration testing process. These methods will identify network and business-logic related vulnerabilities. They will determine the means and processes that an attacker would use to breach systems and steal data. In addition to maintaining a secure network from breaches and maintaining security and best practices within your organization, Hammer IT Consulting understands the many security concerns related to compliance policies that many business verticals must adhere to.

Hammer IT Consulting will ensure that all exploits are documented and verified throughout the assessment. All reports will include a description of the exploit attempts and the successes or failures, documentation of testing activities, and remediation recommendations. This process ensures a clear, well defined approach to the testing of your infrastructure, applications and employees.

Types of Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Test

Network penetration testing aims to prevent cyber attacks by finding weaknesses before the attackers do. Our team focuses on network security testing by exploiting and uncovering vulnerabilities on different types of networks, associated devices like routers and switches, and network hosts. Hammer IT Consulting aims to exploit flaws in these areas, like weak passwords or misconfigured assets, in order to gain access to critical systems or data.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Web application penetration tests examine the overall security and potential risks of web applications, including coding errors, broken authentication or authorization, and injection vulnerabilities. The goal of the Web application penetration test is to pivot to internal systems or otherwise gain access to sensitive internal or client data. The web application penetration test works by using manual or automated testing tools to identify vulnerabilities, security flaws or threats in a web application.

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Wireless Penetration Test

Performed from the perspective of an attacker who is within wireless range, Hammer IT Consulting will evaluate the wireless network’s security posture in the context of generally accepted network security best practices. During the wireless assessment, Hammer IT Consulting will take a wireless footprint of the target environments to identify and verify all the access points. Hammer IT Consulting will exploit critical exposures to determine the extent of the access that could be achieved by a legitimate attacker.

Mobile Application Testing

Hammer IT Consulting performs mobile application security testing to determine the security and functionality of a mobile application on Android and iOS platforms. Because each application differs greatly across each platform, it is important to determine the goal of the test. Hammer IT Consulting can help evaluate this and other application features by following a strict testing process. In more complex cases, Hammer IT Consulting will perform a source code evaluation to identify code errors and bugs in the application that could cause security or privacy issues.

Social Engineering

A social engineering test can be used as a one-time method of assessing the effectiveness of a security awareness campaign, or to support new and current training programs. Using the latest intelligence on social engineering techniques, a social engineering test can evaluate employees against general phishing and “spear-phishing” attacks that are intended to exploit trust and lack of security awareness. Similar to attacks on an organization’s computing or network environment, social engineering attacks focus on weaknesses found in human behavior, weak processes and procedures, and a lack of awareness or understanding of proper security principles.

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Penetration Testing Services

No matter what level of penetration testing you or your organization needs, we are here to help guide you. We want to assure that you get an appropriate test for your organization, and that the results you receive achieve the goal of understanding and mitigating business risk. Contact us today to learn more about our penetration testing services.