Proofpoint protects your people, data, and brand from advanced threats and compliance risks across email, mobile apps, and social media. We help you safely manage critical data as you send, store, and archive it. And we give you the intelligence, insight, and tools to respond quickly when things go wrong. More than 3,000 global enterprises, universities and government agencies, supporting tens of millions of users use Proofpoint to better defend, protect and govern their most valuable data, using our solutions to block spam and viruses, prevent leaks of confidential information, encrypt sensitive data and securely archive email.

Security Products & Services

Email Protection

Proofpoint Email Protection defends against unwanted and malicious email with granula visibility and business continuity. We deliver the industry’s most effective spam detection by using a combination of machine learning technology and composite reputation analysis. These controls enable you to have confidence that you can safeguard end users from threats and maintain communication in the event of an outage.

Advanced Threat Protection

Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) in Email
Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) helps detect, mitigate, and block advanced threats that target people through email. We detect known and unknown threats that use malicious attachments and URLs using both dynamic and static analysis. TAP is unmatched in stopping spearphishing attacks that use polymorphic malware, weaponized documents, and credential stealing techniques to access sensitive information.

TAP Mobile Defense
Proofpoint TAP Mobile Defense combines rich mobile app analysis data with an automated workflow to give IT teams the information and visibility they need to manage risks from mobile apps. TAP Mobile Defense works with enterprise mobile device management (MDM), enterprise mobility management (EMM), and mobile security management (MSM) tools. Having analyzed more than 3 million apps to date from more than 500,000 publishers, TAP Mobile Defense offers deep threat intelligence to stop malicious and data-leaking iOS and Android apps.

Threat Response
Proofpoint Threat Response is designed for security operations teams to automate threat data enrichment, forensic verification, and response processes after a security alert is received. Unlike traditional incident response process related tools, Threat Response automatically confirms malware infections, checks for evidence of past infections, and enriches security alerts by automatically adding internal and external context and intelligence

Emerging Threats (ET) Intelligence
Proofpoint ET Intelligence is the gold standard for threat researchers, offering 100% verified threat intelligence. Unlike other intelligence sources that report only domains or IP addresses, our intel includes a five-year history, proof of conviction, more than 40 threat categories and related IPs, domains, and samples.

Social Media Protection

Social Discover
Proofpoint SocialDiscover helps you identify, track, and understand the risks and opportunities of your social media footprint. Use our patent-pending technology to instantly find both corporate-owned and unauthorized social media accounts associated with your brand. Then categorize each account, audit content for risks, and persistently monitor social networks for new or fraudulent accounts.

Social Patrol
Proofpoint SocialPatrol provides advanced protection for branded social media accounts across all major social networks. Use our patent-pending technology to detect account hacks, stop publishing on compromised accounts, remove malicious or inappropriate content, control connected applications, and address compliance requirements.

Social Sight
Proofpoint SocialSight brings privacy-first security to employee social media programs by protecting personal accounts from risks that negatively impact your brand. It acts as a social media security coach: helping employees avoid account hacks, confidential data exposure, and embarrassing mistakes. Gain visibility into your employee advocacy program while allowing your employees to maintaining 100% employee privacy and personal account control.

Proofpoint SocialSyndicate is a powerful content collection, compliance review, and syndication solution that streamlines content review for social media. Using our patent-pending technology, social media and brand managers can aggregate content from across their enterprise, review it for security risks and compliance violations, then syndicate content distribution to their social media marketing platforms.

Information Protection

Data Discover
Proofpoint Data Discover provides complete visibility and response capabilities for unstructured data in the enterprise. It automates content analysis to track information across your network including email, file shares, SAN, NAS, and SharePoint sites. Data Discover automatically identifies sensitive data — including PII, PHI, and PII — at risk to unauthorized exposure and enables real-time remediation through quarantine, access revocation, or deletion.

Email DLP
Proofpoint Email DLP prevents employee negligence with more accurate and transparent control for outgoing communication. Instead of expecting end users to make decisions about the nature and protection of their content, simply have them operate normally while our solution enforces email policies centrally and automatically.

Email Encryption
Proofpoint Email Encryption makes secure communication simple, seamless, and automated with policy-based encryption of messages and attachments. Protect sensitive email messages while ensuring your affiliates, business partners, and end users still have seamless access to secured messages on computers or mobile devices.

Information Archive

Proofpoint Information Archive leverages cloud intelligence to preserve, discover, and supervise business-critical information. It is a next-generation archiving solution that addresses three fundamental challenges — legal discovery, regulatory compliance and reduce cost and complexity — without the headaches of managing archiving in-house. It provides a scalable cloud architecture, guaranteed search performance, unmatched customer satisfaction, and the industry’s most sophisticated encryption for complete legal and compliance control.