Information Technology Security Policy Development

Without a strong information technology security policy, a company is subject to compromised productivity, reputation damage, data loss and inappropriate – perhaps illegal – behavior by employees. These can lead to monetary and reputation losses, and even regulatory compliance fines. A strong information technology security policy greatly mitigates those loses. After the risk assessment, Hammer IT Consulting can help the organization reduce risks by adding true oversight with defined policies and procedures.

We provide an analysis of your company’s current policies and determine what gaps need to be filled. We then develop a new information technology security policy that includes guidelines, requirements, and training regiments and best practices specific to your organization.

  • Communicates clear and concise information and is realistic;
  • Includes defined scope and applicability;Makes enforcement possible;
  • Identifies the areas of responsibility for users, administrators, and management;
  • Provides sufficient guidance for development of specific procedures;
  • Balances protection with productivity;
  • Identifies how incidents will be handled; and
  • Is enacted by a senior official (e.g., CEO)

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