Social Engineering Testing

Employees at most companies only need a marginal grasp on the inner workings of their everyday technology in order to do their jobs. This can make it difficult for them to understand the necessary security steps they must follow in order to protect the entire company.

Because most employees know very little about the complexities behind their technology, they are prime targets for a pervasive type of attack known as social engineering. Similar to attacks on an organization’s computing or network environment, social engineering attacks focus on weaknesses found in human behavior, weak processes and procedures, and a lack of awareness or understanding of proper security principles.

Hammer IT Consulting has created social engineering testing, which allows us to test the knowledge and readiness of staff. We dive deeper into their day-to-day activities to determine how much of a security risk they bring to the organization. We look at behaviors that are commonly overlooked, like whether or not they leave a notebook of usernames and passwords sitting out or if they use the same password for every login.

To give our clients more versatility, we can provide social engineer testing by phone, email or onsite.

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