Smart IT Tips Newsletter December 2023

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Welcome to the Hammer IT Consulting December 2023 Edition of our Smart IT Tips Newsletter to help you build a safer and more profitable business using the latest and greatest technology.

Wow! 2023 is coming to a close. We wish you the best as you share celebrations with your family and plan ahead for the coming year.

This month, we’re discussing the most secure ways to share passwords, cool smart gadgets from the IFA tech show, cybersecurity strategies, how small businesses can use generative AI, smart home tech to avoid, and the new Windows 11 update. Check them out below. 👇👇👇


What Is the Most Secure Way to Share Passwords with Employees?

Passwords are a necessity, but they’re also a big security nightmare. Learn the safest way to share them with employees and others.


Coolest Smart Gadgets at Europe’s Biggest Tech Trade Show (IFA)

From personal cinema glasses to a smart TV that rolls into a cabinet, find out about the coolest new technology recently highlighted at Europe’s biggest tech trade show.


How to Organize Your Cybersecurity Strategy into Left and Right of Boom

Need a better way to organize all those cybersecurity tactics? Learn why Left and Right of Boom is a great way to plan your digital defense’s.


9 Smart Ways for Small Businesses to Incorporate Generative AI

AI is here and there are a lot of ways that it can help small businesses achieve more. Find out the best ways to incorporate Generative AI to boost company growth.


Choose Wisely: What Smart Home Tech Should You Adopt and Avoid?

Not all smart home tech helps you. Read what types of smart gadgets you should adopt and those you should steer clear of.


7 Helpful Features Rolled Out in the Fall Windows 11 Update

From a more personalized experience to app updates for Notepad and Snipping Tool, the latest Windows 11 update has a lot to offer. Learn about 7 helpful new features.


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