Smart IT Tips Newsletter February 2024

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Welcome to the February 2024 Edition of our Smart IT Tips Newsletter to help you build a safer & more profitable business using the latest and greatest Technology.

It’s February, and the new year is beginning to gain some traction.

This month, we’re discussing cyber threats facing gamers, ways to use the new AI tools in Microsoft 365, how to show the tangible value of cybersecurity, workforce technology modernization tips, the top data breaches of 2023, and how to set up AI rules for your staff. Check them out below. 👇👇👇


5 Ways to Leverage Microsoft 365 AI

5 Ways to Leverage Microsoft 365’s New AI Innovations

Microsoft is pouring a lot of AI power into Microsoft 365. Learn how to leverage its new Copilot tools in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.


Gamers Beware

Gamers Beware! Hackers are Targeting You

Don’t get too comfortable in that gaming chair. Hackers have started targeting gamers and their accounts. Learn what you should do to stay safe.


Tangible Value of Cyber Security

Need to Show the Tangible Value of Cybersecurity? Here’s How

Are you struggling with ways to tie tangible benefits to your cybersecurity efforts? We’ll tell you the key metrics you can use to do it.


Workforce Technology Modernization

How Small Businesses Can Approach Workforce Technology Modernization

Is old technology holding your small business back? Learn simple steps to modernize your workforce’s digital tools.


Top Data Breaches of 2023

Top Data Breaches of 2023: Numbers Hit an All-Time High

Data breaches are getting worse and hit an all-time high in 2023. Learn which companies were hit the hardest and how to shore up your organization’s digital defenses.


Setting Up AI Rules for your Staff

9 Tips for Setting Up AI Rules for Your Staff

AI has been making a major impact on business workflows. Get tips on setting up AI rules for your staff so you can enjoy the benefits while mitigating the risk.


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