Smart IT Tips Newsletter March 2024

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Welcome to the March 2024 Edition of our Smart IT Tips Newsletter to help you build a safer & more profitable business using the latest and greatest Technology.

Welcome to March! Can you believe we’re nearly three months into the new year?

This month, we’re discussing AI trends sweeping the cybersecurity space, the latest Edge feature updates, how data breach costs can linger for years, the growth power of Generative AI for small businesses, the danger of browser extensions, and how to keep your smart home devices from spying on you. Check them out below. 👇👇👇


AI Trends Sweeping the Cybersecurity Realm

These 7 AI Trends Are Sweeping the Cybersecurity Realm

Cybersecurity is transforming thanks to the power of AI. Learn which trends should be on your radar to enhance your digital security.


Newest Microsoft Features

Workspaces, a VPN & More – Learn the Newest Microsoft Edge Features

Microsoft keeps pumping more features into Edge. The latest include a new Workspaces feature and built-in VPN. Learn more about them…


Data Breach Can Cost Your Business

Examples of How a Data Breach Can Cost Your Business for Years

Data breaches are not one-hit wonders. Discover what chunk of the total costs come after the first year. You may be surprised!


Unlocking Growth with Gen AI

How Small Businesses Are Unlocking Growth with Generative AI

Generative AI continues leveling the playing field for small businesses. Learn how you can harness this new tool to unlock growth and productivity.


Dangers of Browser Extensions

Online Security: Addressing the Dangers of Browser Extensions

You may want to think twice before installing that next browser extension. Discover how these plugins can be dangerous and steps for avoiding a data privacy nightmare.


Smart Home Devices Spying

Are Your Smart Home Devices Spying On You? (Experts Say, Yes!)

Digital eyes and ears may be watching you! Learn what experts say about privacy concerns when it comes to your smart home devices.


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