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Hammer IT Consulting is a leading provider of IT and Security solutions serving State and Local Government, Higher Education, K-12, Healthcare, and Corporate Entities throughout the United States and world. We maintain long-standing relationships with our clients helping them to effectively manage an increasingly demanding technology infrastructure environment.

The team at Hammer IT Consulting is trusted, experienced and certified to meet your Information Technology & Security needs.

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Get Immediate Control Of Your Security While Hammer IT Consulting Keeps A Careful Eye Out For All Threats

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Get Immediate Visibility Into Your Cybersecurity Risk Exposure

Securely Deploy A Mobile & Remote Workforce

Get Immediate Access To The Sharpest Minds And Cybersecurity Thought Leaders

Continuously Improve Your Cybersecurity Defenses And Get Valuable Insights Into The Everchanging Cybersecurity Landscape

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Our goal is to protect your valuable data with the latest advancements in technology while taking the guesswork out of establishing a well-rounded, extremely safe IT infrastructure.