Protect your IT Environment and Digital Assets from End to End

Today’s organizational environments extend far beyond the internal network. From the cloud to social media to the dark web, your data can be exposed to a range of external threats.

In order to keep their data safe, Hammer IT Consulting equips clients with robust external cybersecurity measures by ZeroFox.

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Expand Your Cybersecurity Capabilities With ZeroFox

ZeroFox gives you access to Al-driven technologies and comprehensive global intelligence collection features, allowing you to detect and eliminate threats before they affect your organizations’ cybersecurity.

This platform’s automated capabilities vastly reduce the time it takes to identify, analyze and address the threats your external surface faces. The end result is a more comprehensive cybersecurity posture that ensures your data is secure even while outside of your internal network.

How ZeroFox Protects Your Organization

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Perfect Your Security Policies

Don’t rely on a cybersecurity posture that only reaches as far as your network does—talk to the Hammer IT Consulting team to start protecting your data against external threats.